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Danetonbit Token, DNE is now trading on coinexchange.io

Business and Social Networking made easy on a single platform.


We live with creativity

The DanetonBit platform is a digital content sharing hub which allows for the fusion of both social and business networking. A thorough analysis of the market and people's lifestyle has shown that there is a commingling of work and play in the evolving new world. These days, most people are more often than not used to hearing such expressions as "working vacation" or "playing golf and closing the deal". Having a platform where business and pleasure can connect is what DanetonBit seeks to achieve. As the world evolves, real time sharing of information is engendering an environment where sales can become instant, business deals can be consummated on the go and organising for community activity becomes easier than before.

Proposed Services


Connect with Friends and Businesses.


Share anything on your mind (Including your products and services) with friends and businesses.


Advertise and sell your goods and services


Having the opportunity to do business while socializing can enhance life and provide a sense of more connectedness...

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